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AMCHAM T&T welcomes you Tech Hub Islands Summit (t.h.i.s) 2021 - Now and Beyond.


Changing the way we innovate

In Trinidad and Tobago, when we think of FinTech, we think e-payments and digital banking. But FinTech is so much more.

Amazing things are being done internationally and regionally in the FinTech space and there is so much more to come.


Roy L. Austin, Jr. is Facebook’s VP of Civil Rights and Deputy General Counsel, a role that is the first of its kind in the tech industry and one that is incredibly important for Facebook, joins us to talk about how tech can be a force for good, embracing tech not fearing it,  using tech responsibly.

In the discussion about Tech Companies possibly becoming too large and dominant, how can these companies continue to be forces for good. Part of this is the application of the technology and the other part is how the company itself can use its corporate power and market share to promote positive societal development and change. Where are the boundaries between being an agent of change and creating a marketplace for ideas and information to be exchanged and contend?

Tech is an investment.  Why make the investment in tech? Why now? What can we expect in return? How soon?


What to expect from Digitally Mature Governments.

Many governments recognize the need for digital transformation and digital maturity. Through slow on the uptake, in the years to come, we can expect a number of governments to increase spending on digital transformation.  Many governments already feel the pressure to modernize.  Regardless of how quickly or slowly governments adapt, the future is clear - tomorrow's citizens expect modern digital first approaches to services.


A country's human resource is its most vital asset. However, if there is a mismatch between skills and HR capacity and the needs of competitive

industry, development will, at the very least, be lopsided and unsustainable.

A proper understanding of the likely industries of the future and the skills that would power them is needed to ensure competitiveness.

IF done properly, this should also result in opportunities and mobility for all in society.

Atlantic LNG

Spotlight on the work being done in Tech to ensure its bright future.

National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago



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