Full Name
Mr. Ian John
Job Title
Regional CEO
PBS Technology Group
Ian John is the Regional CEO of PBS Technologies Group. Ian has over 20 years senior managerial experience in the ICT sector with a proven track record of success. He holds an MBA with Distinction from Anglia Ruskin University, a Business Degree from the University of Oxford Brookes and a Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Business IT from the University of Portsmouth, UK. Ian holds many other certifications and was trained by Singapore Cooperation Programme in eGovernment Strategies and ICT Innovation.

PBS Technologies is the largest information technology solutions provider across both the Caribbean and Central America, with a diverse portfolio of products and services, operating in 22 countries in the Caribbean and Central America with over 2,100 IT professionals,
over 50 years’ experience innovating in multiple markets and over $250 million US in annual revenue.

At PBS Technology Group Ian leads a team of world class knowledge workers with subject matter expertise in Solutions for the Financial, Retail and Commerce sectors and has worked alongside the leading ICT manufacturers in the world on major ICT projects in the region. He is currently a Partner Advisory Board Member to three Fortune 500 companies.

Ian considers himself a technological futurist with specific interest in attempting to systematically explore predictions and possibilities about the future and how they can emerge from the present to impact our peoples, communities, societies and ultimately our way of life. He believes in bringing solutions to market that deliver a better customer experience, whilst improving efficiency and ultimately driving growth for businesses and countries.
Ian John