Full Name
Mr Robbie Burns
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer
SCG Growth Partners
Robbie Burns is the co-founder of SCG Growth Partners, a technology investment company specialising in the FinTech and RegTech sectors.
Robbie is also the CEO of ApplyOn, a workflow digitalization and automation – a venture-backed technology company in the finance, insurance, education, public sector and healthcare sectors. ApplyOn enables organisations of any size to digitalise multiple compliance-based customer workflows and processes quickly, easily and affordably.
Over the past 10 years Robbie has specialized in the tech sector in the Caribbean launching a range of mobile wallet, online payment and financial service businesses for leading regional corporate clients and for his co-founded investment company including SCG Digital, CompareTT.com in Trinidad and Jamaica and BestQuoteBB.com in Barbados.
Prior to this Robbie worked in new business development for companies including REDjet, Digicel and Airone Ventures.
Robbie Burns