What is t.h.i.s.?

t.h.i.s. is a hybrid summit with a mashup of networking, education & tech to help you meet the leaders & talent in the Caribbean tech scene and understand the potential application of tech in your company and your life. Ultimately, t.h.i.s. will catalyse the development of a local Tech industry and put T&T and the wider Caribbean on the global Tech map.

Who is coming to t.h.i.s.?

Everyone from startups to multinationals to government agencies to investors to tech gurus to disruptors. Tech is today’s biggest change agent, and standing still is the equivalent of moving backward. However, there is a nexus for tech in T&T. There is a lot of good work happening, but it occurs in pockets with little collaboration. We need a truly connected ecosystem to drive real change.

If the tech industry is to explode, T&T needs to bring all tech groups together.

AMCHAM T&T has taken on the challenge of bringing tech groups together to advance the tech industry and to advance the digital transformation in Trinidad and Tobago. 

We plan to build a national tech ecosystem and marketplace that will allow local businesses to export tech services to international markets, develop a critical mass of local talent, and put the established businesses in touch with the young disruptors so that they can work together on solutions.

The theme for t.h.i.s. 2024 is BREAKTHROUGH.  

Breakthrough signifies a powerful convergence of innovation and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve transformative success in the digital age. 

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and 
ever-evolving challenges, Breakthrough encapsulates our 
collective drive to shatter barriers and propel forward. 

This theme underscores the importance of breaking through limitations, embracing bold ideas, forging new paths to shape the future of technology, redefining what's possible and leading the charge towards a future where technology knows no bounds. 

Topics will include:

  • Getting it Done: How companies are adopting and integrating emerging technologies
  • Catalyzing Change: The evolving role of FinTech in driving economic empowerment and inclusive economic growth
  • Getting Digital-Ready: Leadership lessons to future-proof the digital workplace
  • Hacked! Strategies to securing the future and building cyber-resilience
  • Data, the Strategic Asset: Harnessing data-driven decision-making and analytics
  • e-Government Evolution: Unlocking digital potential
  • A.I.m to Disrupt! Tech's potential to disrupt traditional business models and create new opportunities